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Walking tour

Today I went on a free walking tour of Copenhagen. It was delightfully informative and such a good feeling to know more about this city that I am living in. I have now seen many of the most touristy bits of Copenhagen like the harbour and the royal palace (both of which I plan to go back to take more pictures in a non-group setting.

These tours are usually a great way of getting to know a city. As a backpacker I loved them and tried to do them in every city. They show you around, give you some fun facts, and allow yourself to get to know a city better. It was especially fun today where we would say oh yeah that’s really near campus or I was lost in this area yesterday.

While on the tour I spotted a bike submerged in a canal behind the parliament buildings. It reminded me of Amsterdam where I stumbled on the machine that uses a magnet to pull bikes out of the canals. Apparently it is a huge problem there. I have heard very little about it in Copenhagen but this one seems to have met an untimely watery end.


3 comments on “Walking tour

  1. Medvedik
    September 21, 2012

    Poor bike, rest in peace.

  2. Old Bone Machine
    September 22, 2012

    Great image of a submerged golden, gleaming bike. It’s like seeing a gold coin in a wishing well.

    • rmk
      September 22, 2012

      Thanks. It’s a strange, but not surprising, thing to see.

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