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Items left by previous tenants

Our housing comes with a fully furnished kitchen (minus microwave because Danes do not seem to believe in them). Previous tenants have also left a number of other objects behind with varying degrees of cleanliness and usefulness.

  • Chalk. The kind that comes in a bucket that you use to draw on the sidewalk as a kid. Mostly used up and stubby.
  • A ping pong ball.
  • A plastic snake we have named Harold.
  • A jar of red and white straws.
  • Several pillows and sleeping bags.
  • A broken couch.
  • An incomplete deck of cards.
  • A bouncy ball.
  • A poster of meerkats.
  • A couple of old magazine holders with a thick layer of dust in the bottom.


One comment on “Items left by previous tenants

  1. siobhan
    September 16, 2012

    if only you could see all the stuff that has been left behind in my russian flat.

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